Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Miniature Buildings - p.III

Here is the third part from the serie about architectural designs for tabletop games (see also partI and partII). Now it's time for ruins and steamunk buildings.

The little pile of paper below doesn't look impressive, I know... But these are 125 pages of plans, cross sections, elevations and perspective sketches making up designs of 27 objects, which can be parts of a miniature world. 

If you're curious about how "Winterdale" looks like in reality (ie. after 3D printing), you can visit Printable Scenery website http://www.printablescenery.com/.

In the next post (about something completely different) I'll try to be more wordy, I promise :)

Monday, 22 August 2016

Winterdale - miniature buildings p.II

Time for continuation of one of my previous posts and presenting new designs of tabletop miniature buildings. A fantasy land "Winterdale" is expanding more and more!
It's really nice to know, that my buildings are "real" somehow. Well, they can be touched, they form an environment... for a group of miniature figures. Sounds awesome to me :) 

Here are few sketches of miniature buildings in medieval style (a merchant's house, a cemetery chapel and some parts of a castle):

If you're curious about how "Winterdale" looks like in reality (ie. after 3D printing), you can visit Printable Scenery website .

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

"History Lesson in Pictures"

"There are no innocent. There are, however, different degrees of responsibility."
Stieg Larsson, "The Girl Who Played With Fire"

At the end of the last year I got a quite noble task, namely preparing a series of illustrations related with the Baptism of Poland (2016 is the 1050th anniversary of this event). The National Centre for Culture (NCK) gave me a great deal of freedom regarding technique and subjects, with only one stipulation: "no controversial themes". When the condition "no controversial themes" was repeated for the third time during the preliminary talks, I began to ponder about what so controversial could appear there... but haven't come up with anything brilliant.

Anyway, here are some of these works. Ready for a short history lesson? Here we go!

"Unification of Tribes" - one of the main consequences of Christening of Poland was unifying few tribes and creating one land with one sovereign.

"Old Beliefs" - that's the sad one actually. Statues of ancient gods were being destroyed on a massive scale and most Slavic beliefs gone irrecoverably, as they weren't written down.

"Writing" -  Writing came to Poland along with Christian monks. Finally!

"Architecture and Art" - here on the example of St. Mary's Basilica in Kraków.

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Miniature Houses

Studying architecture certainly has its advantages: weight loss, adaptation to a small amount of sleep, acquiring some skills in designing architectural objects etc. Today I'll focus on the third aspect: designing architectural objects.

Recently I'm designing Winterdale - a fantasy, medieval land (which means in practice that I'm preparing concepts of various miniature buildings for Printable Scenery ). 

Designs you can see below are a base for 3D modeling guys. They, in turn, are making models ready for printing on 3D printers. Honestly, I sympathize with them. I felt a little bit guilty when I was adding all the tiny, fancy details on paper. But the ultimate goal  is to give maximum fun while painting the models and to please the eye after that, right?

They are created for tabletop RPG games...or for decorating shelves. Personally I really like to watch tabletop miniatures, even if I don't have too many opportunities to play. 

That's all for now, but expect more :)