Friday, 22 March 2013

Mini Guide

"If you want to achieve something, you gotta work hard for it! Now shut up, they're about to announce the lottery..."
Homer Simpson "The Simpsons"

Some time ago I decided to take care of my organizational matters. It's not the most entertaining element of freelancer's activity, but undoubtedly it's very important. So here's a list of materials, that should be prepared by serious (haha) illustrators:
- logo/signature
- business cards (can be 2"x3,5"/9x5 cm, but I've got an impression, that each printing company offers different size)
- promotional postcards - they're send to publishers  instead of book sized portfolio to present illustrator's works quickly ( I chose 4,25"x6")
- self-designed stationery (some of potential employers require sending resume and other materials via regular mail)
-tear sheets (eg photocopies of magazines or books with your artworks)
- a well organised portfolio (best as a pdf file ready to print if necessary)
- a webpage
- a resume, a cover letter, a short bio - a real drama for those,  who prefer to communicate with others using images instead of words.
- sometimes even more...
And I racked my brain on each of these elements for hours. Work for yourself is a very ungrateful task.

Probably you've already seen the picture acting as the logo image:

Here you can take a look at Evi's business cards:

Calm down, these are only back sides. The front sides for each business card are here:

Few promotional postcards (back and fronts):

Saturday, 16 March 2013

For Metal Fans ... hey, not only!

“Dolls with no little girls around to mind them were sort of creepy under any conditions.” 

Stephen King

Prepare for a large dose of dark, grim illustrations. Today is the release show of the album "Sanctuary" by a band called " From the Ashes of my Sins ", for which I've made the following illustrations. The idea was as follows: back cover was meant to illustrate song titled "Carnival", the front cover illustrates "Sanctuary", while the inner illustration presents "Broken Sanctuary". I decided to link all three illustrations into a coherent whole.

Przygotujcie się na dużą dawkę mrocznych, ponurych ilustracji. Dziś premiera albumu "Sanctuary" zespołu "From the Ashes of my Sins", dla którego zostały wykonane poniższe prace. Idea była następująca: tył okładki miał obrazować piosenkę "Carnival", przód to "Sanctuary", natomiast ilustracja do wnętrza opakowania to "Broken Sanctuary". Postanowiłam więc powiązać wszystkie trzy w spójną całość.

Back and front covers - two versions of concept sketches:

Tył i przód okładki  - szkice koncepcyjne w dwóch wersjach:

And the winner is... apparently the sketch no 2!

Zwycięzcą został... najwyraźniej szkic numer 2!

And here's a fun game for the whole family called "Find 5 Differences"! (Juxtaposition of front and inner illustrations.) Answers can be given in comments :)

A teraz gra-zabawa dla całej rodziny pt. "Znajdź 5 Różnic"! (Czyli zestawienie ilustracji frontowej z wewnętrzną.) Odpowiedzi można podawać w komentarzach :)


If these illustrations made you curious or if you just like heavy, melodic sound, listen to their music. Personally I recommend it!

Jeśli zaciekawiły was ilustracje, albo jeśli po prostu lubicie ciężkie, melodyjne brzmienia, posłuchajcie ich muzyki. Osobiście polecam!