Monday, 27 April 2015


Time to continue the last post . We will take a deeper insight into constructing the line drawing of "Fantasy Castle". Below you can see (and download) an exercise in a super-fun subject: 3-point perspective + a slant horizon. Naturally we could ask a question: 

"Why bother about a perspective with 3 vanishing points if there's quite a lot of work with 2-point perspective?"

Well, it emphasizes an impression of the size of an object. In this case it will highlight that the castle was build on a rock protruding from the deep abyss.

Furthermore diagonal lines are more dynamic than  vertical, parallel ones and they give an impression of a speed (with which we could fall down into the lava for example...).

Hopefully this is useful somehow! The same tutorial (along with several other tutorials) is on the subpage "TUTORIALS" .


  1. This is wonderful! Thank you for sharing. (:
    Might I just ask - do you use a ruler for your drawings or do you just have some amazing superpower to draw straight lines?

    1. I don't use a ruler though I doubt whether I have any suporpowers :). It's rather a method of drawing lines with a stiff wrist and moving the entire arm.