Wednesday, 17 June 2015


“Don’t ever get old. (...) The only thing to hope for is that you get so senile that you think you’re twenty years old again. That would be fun to relive.” 
Camilla Läckberg, "The Ice Princess"

I guess that all my personal works have one common denominator. Namely, they present solitary realms, environments frozen in stillness, as if life was on hold.

In the past painting such places was a kind of autotherapy or  an escape from reality. Materializing thoughts on paper made my inner world more "real", though the results were still quite ephemeral. 

Lately I decided to make something new with these environments by giving them some life. Just like here:

Bored with this introduction? In short: I made animations based on my previous paintings.

1. - a full-length version (almost 3 minutes!) tells a story about a brave, tireless voyager who is traveling the world and looking for an inspiration (she is in the top left corner of this post actually).

2.  - a shortened version is a little bit more serious presentation of my works (a kind of an animated portfolio with a quite atmospheric music).


I don't want to promise that I'll be posting videos regularly, but any support, comments and subscriptions to my Vimeo channel ( will be very very welcome and appreciated.


  1. Hooray ! Your animations using your drawings are amazing ! ;)
    I was already impressed by your animation you show in your article but when I saw the one on Vimeo (3 minutes), I was very very very impressed ! ;) It's so beautiful !
    I hope you'll have time to make other animations like that !

  2. I would like to try to make an animation with one of my draw but unfortunately I didn't manage to do it. I know how to make a gif animation but what I don't understand is how you created those the forefront and the background using an illustration. Did you create two drawings that you use together ?

    1. The drawing was only one, but after scanning it, it was divided in Photoshop into three layers: the first one with the static background, the second with the foreground (these two trees and ant ground between them) and the third layer - snow, which was created entirely in Photoshop.

    2. Thanks a lot for those explanations ! I'll try. In any case, your animation is beautiful !