Thursday, 29 October 2015

Snow Queen

Recently I decided to enrich my portfolio with an illustration for a classic tale. After short considerations my choice fell on "Snow Queen". 
I had a very clear idea in mind, both regarding composition and details. It doesn't happen very often, but this time I didn't need to make a single concept sketch (tripple HURRAY! as I don't like to waste much time on personal projects). Therefore the first step was...

1. A full-size pencil sketch:

2. Detailed ink drawing. At this stage I begun to regret the idea with a town from aerial view...

3. First layer of watercolors. Before adding paint, I splashed masking fluid with a toothbrush to make "snow".

4. Details. They were mainly added with brown ink (outlines) and white ink (more snow!). 

To make the frost on the rose I used salt, which absorbed water from wet paint and created such a fancy texture.



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  2. I like the composition of this illustration, with the queen on the top with grey tones and the town below. I keep in mind the masking fluid tool. I've never tried to use it with a toothbrush to create snow, it's a good idea ! The result is great !

    1. Thanks! Splashing masking fluid with a toothbrush is the best way to create snow I know. It gives very natural results of randomly placed larger and smaller snow flakes.